How Will My Organization Benefit from an Industry Barometer Report?

Your association wants to serve members by adding value to membership. Giving them a predictive business tool based on real-time industry data is a high-value yet low-cost way to serve. Honest member feedback on current business conditions—including quantitative data and open-ended commentary—is invaluable, and something completely elusive to associations.

Increased membership value

Providing members with an accurate measure of your industry in real-time increases your relevance as an asset to them—and as the industry authority.

Accurate business information

Our analytics are based on your members’ data, delivering vital industry information into the hands of you and your members.

Customized, exclusive data

This data about your industry is not available anywhere else. You can be the resource that helps members make informed business decisions.


Using a professional, independent third party heightens your credibility and substantiates your position as an impartial industry leader for the benefit of all members.

Budget goals

Outsourcing to an expert in data and analytics frees your staff to perform the functions to which they are best suited and most effective.

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