Industry Barometer Reports: Your Custom Business Confidence Survey

Measuring the pulse of your industry.

Can you provide your members with a glimpse into your industry’s future? As an association, it is your mission to add value to membership. You can be the exclusive provider of priceless business insights on an ongoing basis.

About Our Company

Data is a necessary tool to help guide educated business decisions. Industry Barometer Reports LLC gathers, analyzes, and presents accurate industry data in the Industry Barometer Report—a means of capturing real-time data about an industry that is low in cost yet high in value.

Our customized, comprehensive surveys convert raw data into your own Industry Barometer Report, which provides expert analysis of current business conditions based on information supplied by your members. All data sources remain anonymous and confidential, enabling participants to compare their own businesses with the industry as a whole.
Reports include visual data representations, such as charts and graphs, cross-referenced by region, business segment, and end market, and are rounded out by indexes that help members evaluate specific aspects of their business activities. Nowhere else is this available. See Sample

Industry Barometer Reports LLC has been successfully conducting Industry Barometer Reports for trade associations for more than 35 years. Member response rates have consistently averaged more than 20 percent—significantly greater than statistically necessary for accuracy—and far greater than an industry insider could obtain. Members are reluctant to share sales, production, or financial data with anyone in the industry. In this aspect, we provide the bridge between you and your members, a bridge that leads to forecasts of business conditions two to three months in the future.

Our Team

Jim Noon

Senior Consultant

In his early career, Jim Noon devoted 10 years to research, quality engineering, and commercial positions in the specialty steel industry. As a commercial manager and quality control engineer, he visited manufacturing plants in numerous business sectors across the United States. With an expert eye, Jim identified and resolved issues in both the production and commercial concerns for many organizations.

Moving to the nonprofit sector, Jim’s enthusiasm for business data inspired him to create and develop his first association industry barometer. As member services director for NADCA (North American Die Casting Association), he was responsible for increasing membership, and driven to find benefits and tools to add membership value. Jim managed the business intelligence programs, which included surveys to measure compensation/benefits, financial ratios, and business conditions. He was associate executive vice president when he left to expand the reach of his survey work.

In 1989, Jim launched his own company, which continued executing member surveys for NADCA. This quickly grew to include other trade associations and professional societies. The cornerstone project evolved into a means of capturing real-time information about a given industry that is both low in cost and high in value. His market research and data analysis skills are the basis for the format and visuals comprising today’s Industry Barometer.

For the past 35 years, Jim has been successfully running Industry Barometer Reports for trade associations. Working as an independent, impartial third party has led to member response rates consistently averaging more than 20 percent.

Joan Weis

Senior Consultant

Joan Weis has been passionate about working with words throughout her life. Her early career provided the opportunity to craft internal and external communications for small and medium-sized business throughout the Chicago area. Later, as a senior member of the marketing communications department of a major international trade association, she developed the ability to craft complex messages for diverse layers of association members.

With the philosophy “content is king, process is prince, and data is duke,” Joan has a deep appreciation for data as a necessary tool to help shape content, as well as to influence educated business decisions.

Since the mid-2000s, she has been involved in various aspects of the Industry Barometer projects. Joan’s experience in corporate communications enables her to distill the complex Industry Barometer data into relevant information that is easily actionable by members. Meanwhile, her knowledge of visual communications enables her to present the data effectively in the many informative graphs and charts. The “data” are the responses, the “process” is the survey, and the “content” is the Industry Barometer Report.

Joan is a lifelong learner, embracing new marketing concepts via seminars, webinars, and new business opportunities. She has been a member of and volunteer for the Chicago Chapter of the American Marketing Association, assisting in the rebranding and launch of the chapter’s magazine. Joan holds a bachelor’s degree in English, journalism concentration, from Roosevelt University.

Terri Noon

Managing Director

Terri Noon is an experienced leader and manager in the Chicagoland financial community. Prior to that, she occupied influential roles in the steel industry, legal profession, and nonprofit sector. Her strategic planning skills have earned her accolades and advancements at Mesirow Financial, a respected firm specializing in investment, risk management, and advisory services. Terri spent 18 years there, most recently as a vice president in the chairman’s office. Excelling in corporate America is only part of her talents.

Terri has a passion for serving her community. She is a former director of Big Brothers Big Sisters and has served on the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s (JDRF) national board of directors, along with its executive committee and the chairperson of its nominating committee. Terri is also the former executive director of the James Tyree Foundation.

Since 2016, Terri has worked for Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE), in several capacities and is honored to be a permanent part of the premier organization for epilepsy research. As research operations assistant for CURE, she supports post-traumatic epilepsy initiative events and general research administrative projects.

Terri has exceptional organization and management skills, which allow her to handle many diverse projects in all industries where she has served. With a sharp eye for detail, she is an extraordinary asset in handling data cleaning and analysis for many projects administered by Industry Barometer Reports LLC.